Sermons and miscellaneous resources

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Elements of wisdom (1 page PDF handout, 8.5" x 14") <-- Study Outline. For all Christians who want Wisdom.
Permission granted to print one copy per person.

Soul winning tips (2 page handout) <-- For new soul winners; some wise principles.

Miscellaneous scripture verses in Spanish.

<-- An addition to the Spanish soul-winning booklet.

Spanish grammar (one page reference). <-- An addition to Spanish booklet (basic grammar).
How close do we want to get to God? (outline) <-- Do you want God? How much?
Help for people who talk to Jehovah's Witnesses.

<-- This information may help close the door to the JW when they return to
do studies with someone. It is not intended to be used as a club. Most people
who have studied for one year would not be sincerely interested to know this
information. It MUST be offered with humility and genuine love.
Help for people who talk to Jehovah's Witnesses. (SPANISH) <-- Same as above, but in Spanish.
Recommended tract for Jehovah's Witnesses.

<-- This tract has basic questions that are not being answered in many churches, but
are answered in the Bible. It is intended to pose: Why have you not learned these
important and basic topics in the church where you go? It has basic truths that
Christians should know from Bible reading and sermons at church.
The wise man. (SPANISH sermon outline) <-- A favorite message of mine.

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I hope these resources are helpful to Baptists and other Christians.
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