Let's Go Win the Hispanics!

This study booklet is designed to help Christians witness to Hispanics.
The goal is to learn enough to witness using the Spanish tract as an outline while carrying the booklet for backup help.
Students should listen repeatedly to the CD for pronunciation, and simultaneously read the booklet.

Although the amount of necessary study time will vary on ability, many will attain a basic ability to witness in only 7-9 hours.
Memorization will include practicing Spanish vowels, basic vocabulary, phrases, and any part of the salvation plan that is in not
printed on the Spanish tract. Once again, the goal is to witness from an outline, that way your learning curve is lessened.

This tool is your bridge to reach over to the Hispanics--and may God help you... Enjoy!

Print these files to form the booklet:
Instructions on how to print booklet.
BOOKLET 2.04 (version 2.04)

Get Adobe Acrobat reader software
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in order to view these.

Save these files to your computer and then use your CD burner:

Version 2.04 sound files (60.7 MB ZIP file)
Please note that a ".part" file will appear when you save but it may take time to download
all 16 sound files in the folder named "LetsGoWin". The files correspond to pages in the book.

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