Basic questions and Answers

It is my hope that these tracts and answers will help Christians to seek God's answers in their (King James version)
Bible. I ask that the tracts and booklet be used unaltered. The "Basic Answers for Sincere Christians" booklet...

1. May be printed and distributed by Independent Baptist Pastors free of charge after you have sent an email to me-- (with your church name, city, state, & email address.) You consent that I may contact you.
2. Individuals may print and use the tracts. I hope they will be a blessing to other people.
3. Individual Christians may print FIVE "Basic Answers" booklets for their growth and for other Christians.
4. All other uses are unauthorized, and are protected by copyright, unless you have recieved other permissions directly from me.

Basic questions tract.
This tract is designed for non-Christians on one side, and Christians on the other side. It has a list of basic questions
that Christians should know; but may not know. Yet, they are very important questions that people need answers to.
Unanswered, they may form part of the reason why they may want to visit your Baptist church.

Answers booklet (NOW AT VERSION 2.96)
OLD VERSION of Answers 2.2
This booklet shows many of the scriptures that answer the questions on the tract (and many other topics.)
I hope these answers are helpful, but the reader is responsible to do their own Bible study.
Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a professional counselor.

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Spanish Version of Basic Answers for Sincere Christians:
front side (frente, version 2.2 Espanol)
back side (atros, version 2.2 Espanol)
both sides, 2.2 Some people prefer printing in this format.

Some of the topics covered in booklet:

What will cause God to give you favor?
How do you break off iniquity and sin?
What makes a person just?
How do you know you are forgiven to go to heaven?
How do you know if God will answer your prayer?
How do you know the will of God?
What are God's first two commandments?
What does God warn us to keep with all diligence?
How can you get God to guide you?
How do you discern which wisdom is from God?
How do you find God?
How do you get wisdom?
What does God require of you?
How does a person escape "the wrath to come"?
How do we show God that we love him?
What is necessary to show love to God?
What is necessary to please God?
What is necessary to understand scripture?
What are the principles that give victory over sin?
What can you do to cause God to promise you long life?
How do you raise children to do right?
Why doesn't God give me a sign as to what to do?
How do I find the hidden will of God?
Why am I discouraged?
How do I get joy back
What tools does the Devil use to get Christians to sin?
How do I keep from falling?